Most SME companies waste millions of shillings on technology they are not sure they need or will their business problems. Through business analysis, We: source the best technology that suits your business needs, align it to your business goals and follow it up through a detailed monthly report on its overall impact on your business. Just to mention a few instances; building one technology platform for your entire organization for better management and internal service delivery, using analytics to make smart decisions at all levels of your company, and integrating social media into your business

For highly scalable SME businesses For highly scalable SME businesses, we provide intensive, operationally-focused advisory services to help plan and achieve growth. Practically, we help create month-to-month long-term growth plans; build & implement new systems and processes, perform analyses to appropriate price products, plan new market entries, create marketing and distribution strategies, identify and prioritize opportunities, among others.
In a few instances, our business clients require capital to achieve their growth targets. In these cases, we work with businesses to attract the right investors and structure capital fundraising. We never seek to manage or invest our own capital – we work closely with a large and growing investor network to channel funds available to deserving opportunities.

For investors and large organizations we leverage our knowledge of East Africa with regards to company operations to create innovative structures and strategies, manage existing portfolios, analyze value chain opportunities, perform in-depth market assessments, and help answer difficult strategic questions, with our focus on actionable, tangible recommendations.
Since our inception in 2012, our fundamental belief has been that markets and sustainable enterprises offer a powerful, long-term solution to poverty. As we continue to grow, our goal remains to provide world-class commercial support to African enterprises, investors, and industries in order to achieve rapid growth, build new products & services, create jobs, and improve livelihoods

Why US?

  • Strata offers great value as we think big, without the large overheads
  • Personal attention. Working with us is like having an in-house digital team
  • We share our knowledge and vast digital experience with every project
  • We provide a “hassle free” service, delivered on time and to budget.

Meet Our Team

These are the people responsible for creating digital magic everyday. We value talent, skill and teamwork highly and these individuals are the embodiment of that spirit.

Kevin Karingithi is a business strategist, development expert and has operations experience across start-ups and large companies in USA, China and Africa. He is a strong advocate for value creation for all stakeholders as a competitive advantage. He enjoys adventure and outdoor activities. His goal is to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro next year.

Kevin Karingithi Head of Strategy and Operations

Ronald M Murathe is a business Analyst with an interest in big data. When he isn't glued to a computer screen doing company intelligent reports and ​business​ analysis, he spends time cracking people up, learning the ​t​argaryen language, and trying very hard not to be the worst player in Fifa '15 play station. He is currently working on an SME Information Bank project that focuses on Kenyan businesses.

Ronald M Murathe Business Analyst

Harrison Mule is a web programmer, developer, graphic designer, photographer and all around tech head who loOoOoOoves to troubleshoot. His strengths are OO PHP, MySQL, and, of course, HTML5 and CSS3 together with jquery and javascript. He takes pride in coding by hand from scratch mostly, using Coda on the Mac, and Aptana on Windows and Linux or Dreamweaver and sometimes sublime text. He is inseparable with his computer and together they spend about 16 hours a day together though some times its a 24 hour affair.He sometimes plays some sports, like Rugby, swimming, basketball, soccer, and mountain climbing. Jack of all trades and master of none except one...playstation.

Harry Mule Developer